Pets Without Partners 1/15

Pets Without Partners 1/15

Duration: 00:08:08

Bloomington Rotary Tuesday Luncheon 12/3

Bloomington Rotary Tuesday Luncheon 12/3

Duration: 00:49:49

Bloomington Rotary Tuesday Luncheon 11/12

Bloomington Rotary Tuesday Luncheon 11/12

Duration: 00:49:12

The Power of Words 11/9

The Power of Words 11/9

Duration: 01:20:29

Singing Hoosiers - Fall Preview 11/2

Singing Hoosiers - Fall Preview 11/2

Duration: 01:54:37

Homefront 8/10

Homefront 8/10

Duration: 01:07:20

CATS Channel Line-ups

CATS Public Access Channels are available to view on all three major cable systems in Bloomington and Monroe County.

On Comcast, this is the line-up:

3 - The Library Channel

7 - The Public Channel

12 - The City Government Channel

14 - The County Government Channel

96 - SCOLA International News

On Smithville TV, this is the line-up:

301 - The Library Channel

302 - The Public Channel

303 - The City Government Channel

304 - The County Government Channel

305 - SCOLA International News

On AT&T U-Verse Cable System, follow these steps: Go to Channel 99 and use the “menu” button, hitting “Govt Educ and Public Access” and selecting “Bloomington”.

You then will be able to choose from five options:

Bloomington Government CATS, for city government meetings Monroe County Public Library CATS, for education and culture-based coverage Monroe County Government CATS, for county government meetings Public Access TV CATS, for locally produced, donated or requested content SCOLA World News CATS, for international news.

The Library Channel streaming

CATS is pleased to announce that The Library Channel is available for streaming online. Joining live streams of both the City and County Government Channels, CATS' Library Channel is your home for local education, arts and entertainment. The Library Channel showcases the best our community has to offer; presenting lectures, special events, concerts, discussions and much more.

Library Channel Live Stream