Community Calendar

The Community Calendar is shown on The Library Channel and the City & County Government Channels between programming. Any non-profit organization may request the use of the Community Calendar to publicize their services or events. Messages should be of area or regional interest, and again, all must be non-commercial. Each item (calendar page) appears approximately every half hour to forty-five minutes for around 15 seconds.

Please submit information for your group or event a minimum of one week before you would like your event or service to be announced on the calendar. When you submit your information, please include the following information:

  • your name
  • your organization name
  • your phone number (in case CATS staff have any questions about your announcement)
  • what the event is
  • where it is
  • a phone number for public information (optional)
  • the date you want the announcement to begin appearing on the calendar
  • the date you want your announcement to stop appearing on the calendar

You may submit your announcement by mail, turn it in personally at the CATS front desk, or email to Community Calendar at If you mail it, please call CATS to confirm your message was received. Our address is 303 E. Kirkwood (CATS department in the MCPL).

Messages may be editied to conform to space restrictions.

CATS reserves the right to refuse to cablecast any messages that may not be deemed appropriate by the MCPL Administration.

Make your own Program

CATS welcomes patrons of the Monroe County Public Library to contribute programming in the form of locally-produced shows. The first step is to stop by and fill out a program proposal describing your idea. After that, sign up for a training session with a member of CATS staff. You'll learn the basics of camcorder operation and editing technique. Once training is complete, you can reserve camcorders and editing hard drive space. From there, you're producing for local public access!

If you have your own means of production, and have already completed a program, just stop by and let us copy your homemade show. We'll put in on the Public Channel!

Additional Services

  1. The CATS Community Calendar is available to any non-profit organization or group for publicizing local services, activities or events. All messages shall be submitted in writing at least two weeks before their start date. In the interest of format considerations, CATS personnel may edit the text to conform to space restrictions. CATS reserves the right to refuse telecast of calendar messages deemed inappropriate by MCPL administration.

  2. CATS shall provide coverage of local events and meetings, given the availability of staff, equipment, funding and sufficient notice. CATS requests a minimum of three weeks written notice of any public event requiring coverage.

  3. CATS will provide coverage and telecast of governmental meetings as stipulated in annual funding agreements with respective city and county franchise authorities. Coverage of public meetings shall be provided in compliance with the Indiana Code, "Open Door Law". (Reference sections: IC 5-14-1. 5-8) Any meeting recorded by CATS which is consistent with the precepts of the Indiana Code "Open Door Law" will be telecast.

Certification for Studio and Field Equipment Use

  1. It is the intent of CATS to provide frequent workshops and other training for interested community members. These training sessions, in conjunction with the CATS volunteer program, create a resource pool of technicians who will be available to assist producers in the production of their programs.

  2. Those persons who wish to use equipment must complete the appropriate certification workshop or demonstrate proficiency through the "test out" procedure. No individual shall be allowed use of any CATS equipment without this certification. Details of the "test out" procedure will be made available in writing to all volunteer participants producing programming through CATS facilities.

  3. In order to maintain an active certification a volunteer must contribute production assistance on at least one program every three months. Volunteers who lose their certification must arrange for a proficiency "test out" or successfully complete another training class.

  4. All producers and volunteers must provide CATS with a current, valid street address and must notify CATS of any changes. Producers and Volunteers must show a valid MCPL library card to check out or use any CATS equipment.

  5. Producers are responsible for obtaining full crews for their productions. A full crew for studio production should consist of a minimum of three certified camera operators, one certified audio operator, one certified floor director and one certified director. CATS staff are not responsible for filling-in an incomplete volunteer crew. Due to safety concerns, an incomplete crew will result in the cancellation of the studio production in progress.

  6. Due to the complexity of studio operations and concern for the safety of participants, a CATS staff member must be present during all studio productions.

  7. Due to intensive set-up necessary for studio productions, productions will be canceled if sufficient crew is not available. Due to studio scheduling, patrons who do not complete their program within the allotted time may be required to vacate the facilities immediately.