Climate Solutions Forum 10/8

Climate Solutions Forum 10/8

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CATSweek, the collaborative weekly round-up produced by CATS and Community Radio WFHB, has returned. Check it out for a summary of the past week's city and county governmental affairs.

CATS Channel Line-ups

CATS Public Access Channels are available to view on all three major cable systems in Bloomington and Monroe County.

On Comcast, this is the line-up:

3 - The Library Channel

7 - The Public Channel

12 - The City Government Channel

14 - The County Government Channel

96 - SCOLA International News

On Smithville TV, this is the line-up:

301 - The Library Channel

302 - The Public Channel

303 - The City Government Channel

304 - The County Government Channel

305 - SCOLA International News

On AT&T U-Verse Cable System, follow these steps: Go to Channel 99 and use the “menu” button, hitting “Govt Educ and Public Access” and selecting “Bloomington”.

You then will be able to choose from five options:

Bloomington Government CATS, for city government meetings Monroe County Public Library CATS, for education and culture-based coverage Monroe County Government CATS, for county government meetings Public Access TV CATS, for locally produced, donated or requested content SCOLA World News CATS, for international news.