The Public Channel represents a dedicated constitutional forum for citizens of Bloomington and Monroe County. All programs on this channel are produced, donated or requested by citizens of Bloomington and Monroe County. It is our mission and pleasure to help patrons of the Monroe County Public Library express themselves on The Public Channel.


The Library Channel extends access to library programs and promotes reading and life-long learning through use of the library. The Library Channel also records educational and cultural events, speakers and public forums of enduring interest. It offers the citizens of Bloomington and Monroe County a blend of local, national and international educational, arts and cultural programming. Additionally, the Library Channel provides announcements about library services, upcoming library programs, the use of library meeting rooms by non-profit organizations, and announcements of local educational and cultural events.


The City and County government channels provide the public access to all city and county governmental meetings, live or recorded. All programs on the City Channel are Bloomington municipal government meetings produced by CATS staff. All programs on the County Channel are likewise produced by CATS staff, and include all County Government meetings, as well as the MCCSC & RBBSC School Boards, the Ellettsville Town Council and Plan Commission, and many others. All meetings are available for playback or duplication upon request. When there are no meetings on the channels, CATS features the Community Calendar of events within Bloomington and Monroe County.

WORLD Access

SCOLA International News, a satellite service featuring news telecasts from around the globe is featured on CATS additional access channel.

Channel designations for local video service providers


  • Library Channel = 3
  • Public Channel = 7
  • City Government Channel = 12
  • County Government Channel = 14
  • SCOLA = 96


  • Library Channel = 301
  • Public Channel = 302
  • City Government Channel = 303
  • County Government Channel = 304
  • SCOLA = 305


On AT&T U-Verse Cable System, follow these steps:

  • Go to Channel 99 and press the "menu" button
  • Choose "Govt Educ and Public Access" and select "Bloomington".
  • You then will be able to choose from five options:
    1. Bloomington Government CATS, for city government meetings
    2. Monroe County Public Library CATS, for education and culture-based coverage
    3. Monroe County Government CATS, for county government meetings
    4. Public Access TV CATS, for locally produced, donated or requested content
    5. SCOLA World News CATS, for international news.